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1.  Language Programme for  Ethnic Minorities

     subsidized by Home Affairs  Department(HAD) 

Financial assistance for applicants of BNUZ-Bachelors of Art Degree program

           We are very pleased to inform our EM’s that  Supporting Secondary Schools in the Teaching
           and  Learning of Chinese for Non-native  Learners(USP)/ Provision of Services for
           Running Chinese Language Learning Support Centres for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) 
           Students(SSP) projects team of HKU that support the learning of Chinese by Non-Chinese 
           speaking (NCS) students has successfully been able to let our EM Students further their studies 
           and meet their goals through a idiomatic experience exploring in a different environment.  We would 
           like to sincerely congratulate you for having students of your ethnicity-the Pakistani & Nepalese 
           students for being accepted by Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai campus (BNUZ) -- a prestigious 
           university in Southern China, in their bachelor’s degree course (BA) specially designed for 
           outstanding NCS secondary school graduates to study at. 
           We are now writing to request you to offer generous financial assistance to the student as many 
           of them have difficulty in paying the large sum.
           The BNU & BNUZ BA degree programme in Chinese language is designed especially for 
           International Students. It has been offered at BNU since the 1950’s and it is rated the best in the 
           kind. BNUZ has recently been authorized to provide the same programme with an emphasis on 
           Business Chinese and to include Putonghua and English in the studies. Graduates will have the 
           Chinese language competence and an understanding of Chinese society and culture sufficient for 
           work in international business or educational/cultural communication with China.
           There are 14 ethnic minority students (see attached list) already interviewed and accepted by 
           BNUZ for admission and their study is going to start in late Sept 2010. They are among the best 
           graduates of Delia Memorial School (Broadway)”, “Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial Collage”, 
St. Margaret's Co-Educational English Secondary and Primary School” and “Chung Sing 
           Benevolent Society Mrs. Aw Boon Haw Secondary School”. As we moved on, we found that the 
           biggest hurdle for these students is the financial problem. Many Ethnic minorities in Hong Kong 
           comes from low income families and some take Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) 
           Scheme for living. Therefore, it is relatively difficult for them to afford the fee payment. In order to 
           complete the registration, students have to hand in the tuition fee plus hostel fee which is around 
           RMB 26000(per year) on or before 20th September, 2010. Although it is much lower than that in 
           Hong Kong, the problem is that they are not  eligible to apply government loans because the 
           program is not Hong Kong University Grants Committee funded. The students really need some 
           financial assistance

      It will be most kind if you could provide financial support to the student. Should you

      have any query, please contact Mr. Li Chun Lung Joseph, at 22194773 or . Or SSCEM at 2479 9757

Supporting the ethnic minority (Nepalese) teenagers to study Beijing Normal University