Information for job training course

1. Employees Retraining Board (ERB) provide courses for Ethnic Minorities whose age is 15 or above and qualification are sub-degree or below. The various courses include Beautician, Security and Property Management Training, Hair Stylist Assistant, Hospitality, Accounts Clerk Training, Barista, Translation and Interpretation, Medical Clinic Assistant Cantonese, English writing, computer and first aid course.

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2. VTC Vocational training council provides training from different areas and levels for Ethnic Minorities to equip themselves before they enter the employment field. The various courses include Hospitality/ Business, Business Administration, Bookkeeping, Environmental Hygiene and Cleaning Worker Training, Trade Test on Plumbing Work, Air-conditioning Training Course, Survival Cantonese / Socialising Cantonese, Food & Beverage Service, Wine and Bartending Service, Housekeeping Service and Front Office Service.

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placement-tied courses:

1) Certificate in Environmental Hygiene and Cleaning Worker Training & 2) Certificate in Elementary Bookkeeping (Preparatory Course for LCC&I Level 1) for web uploading please.

 Both courses are targeting on Ethnic Minorities who are aged 15 or above, Unemployed or non-engaged non-Chinese speaking eligible employees in Hong Kong.  These courses are free of charge, and trainees also can apply for Retraining Allowance subject to attaining a minimum attendance rate of 80%.  Also, a placement follow-up service would be provided to the trainees in order to help them seek for a related job.

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3. Christian Action helps the ethnic minorities to achieve a better employment by providing English and Cantonese courses. They also provide courses for ethnic minorities such as computer skills training, and Kitchen Assistant in Indian Cuisine training. This is a key step to a better employment. For updated information, Contact at 3422 3820 or 2716 8826.

4. The Hong Kong Construction Industry council(HKCIC) provides course for people who want to specialise to one of the key construction trades. For in-service people who already worked in the field, council providea upgraded courses or preparation courses for trades test to qualify as  semi- skilled or skilled workers.   You can find from the link provided below 

5.  International Social Service Hong Kong Branch (ISS)helps the ethnic minorities to break the language barrier by providing English and Cantonese classes as well as computer classes. The classes are offered in basic, intermediate and advanced levels so people can choose according to their needs.

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6. SKH Lady MacLehose centre

The centre provide Cantonese and English course , pre - job training course inclucing CV and cover letter writing , interviewing skill , job hunting skill , employment trap and employment ordaniance.

For enquiry please call 2423 5064 /2423 5062 fax 2494 7786

7. ERB Training cum resourse centre

Some skills workshops and Seminars provide to member in order to enhance their job related skills and confidence for job hunting. For details please visit the centre website show below.

8.Hong Kong Employment Deveopment centre

Introduction : Hong Kong Employment Development Service (HKEDS) was established in mid 2002 to take over the function of providing employment-related services from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Since April 2003, HKEDS continually provides to those in need with quality employment counseling, job placement and training on varies working skills and also the "Career On-lin" Employment Assistance Program for the non-Chinese ethic residents in Hong Kong, Career & Employment Counseling, Employment Assessment, Labor Market Orientation, Interview Preparation, Employment related trainings/workshops, Job referral / placement, Post-placement services, ERB Program

Module Certificate in Basic English

Module Certificate Basic Job Search Skills

Module Certificate in Basic Personal Attributes

Module Certificate in Integrated First Aid

Module Certificate in Employment Set Sail

Module Certificate in Word Processing

Module Certificate in Spreadsheet Processing

For enquiry please call 3165 8870 / fax 3165 8474