Online application form for employer

If your company/agency have job vacancy, please fill in the online form below or download the form below. We will follow up as soon as possible.

Vacancy Registration Form 職位空缺申請表

Company Particulars 公司/機構資料

* Name of the company 公司機構名稱
* Address (English)
Address (中文)
Company/Agency nature 公司/機構性質:
* Contact Person 聯絡人
* Position 聯絡人職位
* Tel. No. 電話(Office 辦公室)
Mobile/Pager no. 手提/傳呼機
* Fax No. 傳真
E-mail 電郵

Job Vacancies Information 工作要求

* Title 職位名稱
* No. of Vacancies 職位數目
* Job Description 職責
* Full Time 全職
Part Time 兼職
Temporary 臨時工
* Education Level 教育程度
* Qualification 資歷
* Spoken Language 能講語言
Cantonese 廣東話
Putonghua 國語
English 英文
Other 其他
* Written Language 能寫語言
Chinese 中文
English 英文
Other 其他
Other Requirements 其他資格
Working Hours 工作時間
* Workplace Location 工作地點
* No. of working days 工作日數
* Basic Salary 基本薪金
Other Benefits 其他津貼
(* must fill 必需填寫 fill "nil" if inapplicable 如不適用請填"Nil")

Employer Forms download

Vacancy Registration Form

Job seeker

If your want to register the free job matching service, please download and fill the form below
and send it back to us. We will follow up as soon as possible.

Job Seeker Application Form

After finish filling the form, please send it by fax 2479 9328 or email
For enquiry please contact 2479 9757.
請將填妥之表格傳真2479 9328或電郵employment@sscem.org至本中心,如有查詢請電2479 9757。