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Multicultural Harmony


Our centre aims to provide quality service for our client. We provide activities or program for our users which can help them integrate into the society and help them understand the society in which they are living. Our service includes interest, social groups, volunteer groups, cultural& festive activities, family activities, social inclusion activities, community education activities, drop in service, translation and interpretation service, personal guidance and counseling service and neighborliness and racial harmony programs. Through these kinds of activities we hope that we can help Ethnic Minorities who live in Hong Kong and help them know more about the society's perspective

Ethnic Minorities people are facing different difficulties in Hong Kong

Self-help and Mutual Support Group

The purposes are manifold to build up social network and to nurture bonding. We form sub group for women, family, children and youngsters to nourish their development to maintain their cultural identity

Voluntary Service

Our centre use volunteer to promote interaction and integration; to enhance self-confidence; and to cooperate with Schools, Non Governmental Organization, EM bodies and religious organizations to strengthen support and respect.


We aim to reinforce Ethnic Minorities sense of belonging by introducing them to types of social services available ( e.g. welfare, health care education and employment). We also arrange visiting to relevant institutions, and promote publicity through our website, newsletters and leaflet.

Cultural and Festive Activities

Here we organize cultural and festive activities in order to enable Ethnic minorities people to retain their own cultural heritage, while allowing Hong Kong people to appreciate their tradition.

Racial Harmony Programmes

We arrange family gatherings, fun fairs, Carnivals, art shows etc., to foster mutual understanding

Brief Casework

These services seek to enable Ethnic minorities people to settle down in Hong Kong. These include counseling and referral to pertinent organizations, offering emotional support, giving sessions on problem-solving and stress-management skills, as well as rendering simultaneous interpretation and translation as and when necessary.

Vibrant People, Harmonious Community Activities - Home Affairs Department

The Home Affairs Department launched a community programme named "Vibrant People, Harmonious Community Activities", featuring over 400 activities aimed at promoting vitality, creativity, harmony and discovery, to be held from now through next March. The activities are to promote the four elements - "get into vitality", "get into creativity", "get into harmony" and "get into discovery".

"We should facilitate the integration of young minority children. I hope the activities I organise will encourage Hong Kong children of all ethnicities to understand and respect each other. Hong Kong is home - for us all."

~ Shafi 德哥, ambassador of
Vibrant People, Harmonious Community Activities
"get into harmony

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