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Hong Kong Housing Authority

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Hong Kong Nepal .com

Organization Working with Migrants in Hong Kong

Asian Pacific Mission for Migrants

Asian Migrant Centre

Mission for Migrant Workers (Hong Kong)

Asian Migrants Coordinating Body (AMCB) Tel: (852) 2810 4379, 2314 7316 E-mail:

Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) Tel: (852) 2332-1346 E-mail:

Philippine Association of Hong Kong

Filipino Migrant Workers' Union (FMWU) Tel: (852) 2915 9468

United Filipinos in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bayanihan Trust Tel: (852) 2817 8928 E-mail:

Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI) Tel: (852) 2546 9742 E-mail:

Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (China (Hong Kong)) E-mail:

KOTHIHO (The Hong Kong Coalition of Indonesian Migrant Workers) Email :

Migrante International (Hong Kong Office) Tel: (852) 2723 7536 E-mail:

Thai Regional Alliance in Hong Kong

Friends of Thai in Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2718 6498 E-mail:

Indian Domestic Worker Association Tel: 2312 0031

Associations of Sri-Lankans in Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2546 9742

Far East Overseas Nepalese Association (FEONA) Tel: (852) 2388 7554 E-mail:

Hong Kong Nepalese Federation Tel: (852) 2445 2319 E-mail:

Pakistan Association of Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2780 2157

Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union of Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2316 2256

Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge Tel: (852) 2721 3119

Diocesan Patoral Centre (Filipino Domestic Helper Shelter) Tel: 2526 4240

Buhay Ka (Cancer Support Group) E-mail:

Domestic Helper and Migrant Workers Programme - Christian Action

Caritas-Hong Kong Asian Migrant Workers and Filipino Social Service Project Tel: (852) 2147 5988 or 2810 0092 E-mail:

Mobile Information Service at the Hong Kong International Airport Tel: (852) 2261 0420 Mobile: (852) 9220 0270