1. Government extends social distancing measures under Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance

The COVID-19 epidemic situation in Hong Kong remains serious. The Government announced that it will gazette directions and specifications to maintain the social distancing measures currently in place until 14 February. To allow members of the public to relax while keeping social distance, the Government will reopen specified outdoor sports premises for activities involving little physical contact starting from February 4, 2021 (Thursday). For details, please refer to the press release:

2. Government further strengthens compulsory testing
Currently, the Centre for Health Protection requires asymptomatic close contacts of confirmed cases to undergo compulsory quarantine in quarantine centres. To strengthen tracing ability, we will require the household members of close contacts to undergo compulsory testing.

In all districts in Hong Kong, if one or more new confirmed cases with unknown sources are found in the residential buildings (including buildings for both commercial and residential uses), or there are sewage samples tested positive which implied possible infection risks, the buildings will be included in the compulsory testing notice. For testing targeting at workplaces, if two or more confirmed cases are found in a workplace, it will be included in the compulsory testing notice.

Furthermore, the Government has delineated earlier four specified areas. The Government will accord priority to the sewage testing of buildings within the “specified areas”, with a view to targeting areas with higher risks and detecting virus transmission earlier before any confirmed case is found.

Subject to the epidemic development and the need for infection control, the Government will delineate restricted areas and make a “restriction-testing declaration”. Persons within the areas are required to stay in their premises and undergo compulsory testing in accordance with the arrangement by the Government, and can only leave after the relevant test results are mostly ascertained.

For details, please refer to: