Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and vaccines

  1.        COVID-19 vaccination arrangements for children aged six months or above and for persons aged from 50 to 59 receiving fourth dose

Children aged from six months to three years may receive the Sinovac CoronaVac COVID-19 vaccine starting from August 4. In addition, persons aged from 50 to 59 who have received three doses of the Sinovac or BioNTech vaccine may also receive the fourth vaccine dose at least three months after their last dose, starting from August 4.

For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202208/02/P2022080200699.htm

  1.        Minimum age for receiving CoronaVac vaccine lowered to 6 months

The Government announced that having regard to experts’ advice, the Secretary for Health has approved the lowering of the minimum age for receiving the CoronaVac vaccine from 3 years to 6 months old for “off-label use”. Based on related clinical trials and studies of vaccination for local adolescents, the experts considered that three doses of CoronaVac vaccine (each dose of the same dosage as that for older children and adults) can be used for children aged 6 months to less than 3 years, following the same schedule of vaccination for older children. The Government already has the relevant vaccines in stock, and the vaccination arrangements will be announced.

For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202208/02/P2022080200540.htm

  1.        Scientific Committees under CHP update consensus interim recommendations on use of COVID-19 vaccines

The Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases and the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases (JSC) under the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health, joined by the Chief Executive’s expert advisory panel (EAP), convened an online meeting to discuss and issue the consensus interim recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines for children down to six months of age in Hong Kong.

For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202208/01/P2022080100675.htm

  1.        Adjusting operating hours of self-paid designated quarantine hotel taxis

The operating hours of self-paid designated quarantine hotel (DQH) taxis is advanced to start from 7am daily to 2am the next day from August 4, a Government spokesman said.

For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202208/03/P2022080300456.htm

  1.        74th round of compulsory testing for staff members of RCHEs, RCHDs and nursing homes

The Government announced the details of the 74th round of compulsory testing for staff members of residential care homes for the elderly (RCHEs), residential care homes for persons with disabilities (RCHDs) and nursing homes.

For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202207/29/P2022072800577.htm

More information on COVID-19 vaccines: