1. Government extends social distancing measures under Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance The implementation of the first phase of measures under the ‘vaccine bubble’ is generally in order. To allow the relevant operators of premises and the general public to get used to the relevant measures, the Government will continue to maintain the existing requirements and restrictions applicable to catering business premises and scheduled premises, as well as the requirements for group gatherings and mask wearing for 14 days until May 26. At the same time, the Government has also made slight adjustments to the requirements to fit anti-epidemic needs.

For details, please refer to:

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) thematic webpage

2. Update on monitoring COVID-19 vaccinations
As at 8pm on May 9, about 1.74 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered for members of the public. The Expert Committee on Clinical Events Assessment Following COVID-19 Immunisation perform continuous monitoring of the possible adverse events following administration of COVID-19 vaccines, and provide professional views and suggestions on safety monitoring of the authorised COVID-19 vaccines. The Expert Committee considered that there is no unusual pattern identified so far, and will continue to closely monitor the relevant situation and collect data for assessment. The majority of non-death cases of adverse events received so far are relatively minor cases.

Moreover, based on statistical analysis, there is no evidence that vaccination increases the risk of death for recipients.

For details, please refer to:
“Report on the Safety Monitoring of COVID-19 Vaccines in Hong Kong”


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