1. Government to further relax social distancing measures under “vaccine bubble”
The Government introduces the second-phase measures under the ‘vaccine bubble’, with a view to responding to the aspirations of various trades and the public to resume normal daily lives as soon as possible.
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Arrangements for Cap. 599F Premises under the “Vaccine Bubble”:
2. Government plans to adjust quarantine requirements for vaccinated persons arriving at Hong Kong
The Government announced that the quarantine requirements for persons arriving at Hong Kong who have received COVID-19 vaccination will be adjusted in phases.
Before the serology antibody testing service is available at the airport, travellers can receive the designated serology antibody test at one of the recognised local medical laboratories at their own cost before departure. The positive result proof is valid for three months. Starting from June 30, persons arriving at Hong Kong who have only stayed in Group B specified places, Group C specified places or Taiwan on the day of arrival or the 14 days before that day will be subject to a shortened compulsory quarantine period.
Depending on the implementation progress of the relevant facilities, the Government will implement the second-phase arrangements within July to provide self-paid serology antibody testing service for inbound travellers at the airport. According to the arrangements, the compulsory quarantine period for those with a serology antibody positive result will be shortened to seven days, and the entry to Hong Kong by relevant non-Hong Kong residents will be relaxed. The operational details of the measures concerned will be announced in due course.
The purpose of checking antibodies is to show evidence of response to vaccination. A negative result or low antibody level may not correlate with lack of protection.
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